Great video content can be a very powerful marketing tool. It can create awareness for your product or service. It can also educate, inspire, celebrate and promote a wide range of your goals and objectives. Done right, it can open up a whole new world of opportunity for your company.  At ThreeT Media (3T Media), we understand this and have assembled a team of master craftsmen who truly love to create outstanding video content.

Digital video on the web has exploded over the past decade.  The statistics are startling: YouTube alone has more than 1 billion unique visitors per month and over 100 hours of video content is being uploaded to their platform every minute.  However, the one statistic that’s not highlighted is how many of these videos have been effective in promoting or creating awareness for products and services.

At ThreeT Media (3T Media), creating smart video content is our hallmark. We work with our clients to understand their marketing objectives and tailor video solutions that speak to them. We also recognize that not everyone creates videos for a living. That’s why we developed a time-tested process to guide you through the critical steps which will make your next video project a success.

As with all our video projects, it all begins with a great story. Once this has been established for your product or service, our team of master craftsmen make it come to life through their intimate working knowledge of the newest camera technologies, editing techniques, audio treatments and animation styles. Our goal is to make your video sing and we have many great examples for your to review as you consider what type would be a good match for your brand.

Every successful video campaign has a unique objective and there are many different styles to choose from to achieve your messaging. Many videos also require knowledge of specific industries. At ThreeT Media (3T Media), we have worked with a broad range of companies over the years. This has provided us with a deep understanding for a wide range of industries.

At ThreeT Media (3T Media), we pride ourselves on our craft. From scriptwriting to talent casting to editing your masterpiece, we can step you through the initial ideation stage during pre-production to the final polish on your video during post-production. Creating great digital cinema is our passion and it can all start with a simple conversation by having us learn more about your next project.

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